Complete List and Map of Costco Locations in The United States

Costco operates 606 stores in the United States as of April 24, 2024. This total may not include locations that are operated under a different brand name. Costco has a presence in 48 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, with locations in 534 cities.

California has the most Costco locations with 136 in the state. In second place is Texas with 38 locations, and Washington comes in third with 33 locations. Among the U.S. states and territories where Costco operates, Vermont has the fewest locations at just 1.

Costco locations across the United States

A map showing all Costco locations in The United States

States with the most Costco locations


136 locations


38 locations


33 locations

Top services offered by Costco

  1. Membership582 locations
  2. Executive Membership581 locations
  3. Food Court579 locations
  4. Pharmacy578 locations
  5. Optical Department578 locations
  6. Tire Service Center575 locations
  7. Hearing Aids575 locations
  8. Auto Buying Program572 locations
  9. Gas Station547 locations
  10. Bakery547 locations
  11. Fresh Meat544 locations
  12. Fresh Produce542 locations
  13. Fresh Deli457 locations
  14. Independent Optometrist393 locations
  15. Special Order Kiosk330 locations
  16. Service Deli304 locations
  17. Rotisserie Chicken301 locations
  18. Travel172 locations
  19. ATM148 locations
  20. Wheelchair Available87 locations
  21. Diesel62 locations

Costco locations by state

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