Complete List and Map of Menards Locations in The United States

Menards operates 341 stores in the United States as of May 11, 2024. This total may not include locations that are operated under a different brand name. Menards has a presence in 15 U.S. states, with locations in 323 cities.

Illinois has the most Menards locations with 60 in the state. In second place is Wisconsin with 44 locations, and Minnesota comes in third with 40 locations. Among the U.S. states and territories where Menards operates, Wyoming has the fewest locations at just 3.

Menards locations across the United States

A map showing all Menards locations in The United States

States with the most Menards locations


60 locations


44 locations


40 locations

Top services offered by Menards

  1. Appliances337 locations
  2. Grocery336 locations
  3. Garden Center335 locations
  4. Rental Center334 locations
  5. Truck Rental270 locations
  6. Propane Exchange254 locations
  7. Propane Fueling82 locations

Menards locations by state

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