Complete List and Map of True Value Locations in The United States

True Value operates 1,554 stores in the United States as of May 10, 2024. This total may not include locations that are operated under a different brand name. True Value has a presence in 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, with locations in 1,456 cities.

Pennsylvania has the most True Value locations with 133 in the state. In second place is California with 119 locations, and New York comes in third with 119 locations. Among the U.S. states and territories where True Value operates, District Of Columbia has the fewest locations at just 1.

True Value locations across the United States

A map showing all True Value locations in The United States

States with the most True Value locations


133 locations


119 locations

New York

119 locations

Top services offered by True Value

  1. Key Cutting1,352 locations
  2. Special Orders1,225 locations
  3. Paint Color Matching730 locations
  4. Gift Certificates721 locations
  5. Glass Cutting661 locations
  6. Screen Repair628 locations
  7. Carpet Cleaner Rental558 locations
  8. Propane Available527 locations
  9. Re Key Locks520 locations
  10. Window Repair507 locations
  11. Delivery Available500 locations
  12. Pipe Cutting466 locations
  13. Chain Saw Sharpening456 locations
  14. Pipe Threading433 locations
  15. Blade Sharpening422 locations
  16. Knife Sharpening339 locations
  17. Scissor Sharpening329 locations
  18. Fax Available300 locations
  19. Rental293 locations
  20. Copier Available285 locations
  21. Fishing License228 locations
  22. Hunting License225 locations
  23. Small Engine Repair218 locations
  24. Window Shades Cut204 locations
  25. Paint Mixing203 locations

True Value locations by state

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